Saturday, September 10, 2016

Analyzing Students' Work Habits, Attitude, and Social Skills Survey

I took all of the work habits and social skill standards from our report card and a few more standards that I include in my teaching and added them to a Google form student survey. Students took the survey. Just taking the survey gave students a chance to think about the language and standards with regard to expectations and attitudes and behaviors for learning success.

Now I'll take the results that represent about 2/3 of the student response (there's still more students to take the survey and I'll update the response accordingly), and give students a chance to analyze the data.

With their math teams, I'll have students study the data chart below. Similar to the way our teaching team analyses data, I'll ask students to first share what they notice. Then we'll share questions that arise about the data. After that we'll discuss how this data set might affect individual's and the class's learning and teaching this year.

As I look at the data, my next steps include the following:
  • Recognize that most students have great attitudes and work skills.
  • Look for the individual students who answered "rarely" or "never" to see if there are any patterns there. If it's the same student, I want to sit down and talk to that student. If it's a few students, I may have a small group devoted to this.
  • Look at the "other" comments and those that made those comments. I want to take their words seriously and see how that might affect my teaching and learning.
  • Look closely at the areas where there was more scatter, and talk to students about how we might help the whole class to achieve in those areas.
  • Think about categories that are not included in this survey--categories that are integral to learning well today. What would you add?
There were also a few errors in the survey that I need to correct. Students will take this survey including the new questions added again in January before we mark the progress reports. I'll be interested to see how the explicit teaching and learning we'll do together now will affect the results then.