Monday, December 28, 2015

Five: The Math Classroom: Set-Up

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Ideally the math classroom is made up of a diverse array of learning spaces and supply areas. It's even better if this classroom has ease of indoor and outdoor movement so that children may learn inside or outside.

An ideal math classroom will have the following resources:
  • A laptop and tablet for every student.
  • A document camera.
  • A large screen for projection.
  • Lots of bulletin boards to hang up vocabulary cards, informative posters, and student work.
  • Supply caddies that host a large array of math manipulatives such as tiles and pattern block a and other supplies including scissors, tape, glue, rulers, graph paper, measurement objects/containers, markers, grid/plain white boards, white board pens/erasers, pencils, colored pencils, and erasers.
  • Tables and/or desks that can be moved around for whole class lessons or group work. 
The classroom set-up should allow for easy change and flow dependent upon the activity and expectations. The learning space should lend itself to multiple online and offline types of activities so that the learning is varied and directed toward the learners in the room.