Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Four: Create a Math Website

Create a math website to host all resources, ideas, and exercises. Weed and prune your website regularly to make sure it is easily accessible to the learning team: students, families, colleagues, administrators, community members and your PLN

Create a website to host all your math teaching/learning ideas and resources.

Create the website with the entire teaching/learning community in mind. Think of your website as a resource for students, families, colleagues, administrators, and community members.

Make your website as easy to navigate as possible. Think of Russian Nesting Dolls as you create the site and create learning paths on the site.

This is a link to my Magnificent Math website. I have some weeding and pruning to do before the school year starts, but this website has served as a terrific, evolving math/teaching resource over the past many years.

I used Google sites to make my website as we're a Google school and the platform works well with our heavy use of Google apps. There are many website platforms available, and what's important is that the platform is easy to use and access as you want to spend most of your time on math teaching and learning rather than trying to navigate a difficult platform.