Friday, June 24, 2016

Eleven: Design Math Learning for Student Engagement and Success

Good learning design impacts student engagement, empowerment, and education in math and all
other disciplines.

How does a teacher design learning well?

It's important to develop a learning design process. Most educators prefer the backend design method, a process brought to life in education by Wiggins and McTighe in their book, Understanding by Design. John Hattie further exemplifies this approach in his wonderful book about how to teach well, Visible Learning for Teachers, Maximizing Impact on Learning. 

Over many years, I've crafted a design process that I use to design units of study. It is a successful approach that takes into account research from the books and expertise mentioned above as well as many experiences and professional learning events I've engaged in.

As I continue to write this math book/blog, I'll utilize the design information, approach, and resources I outline in the presentation below. As you think about your math units of study, I recommend that you also use some or all of the information below to organize and implement good design to reach and teach children well.