Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Global Cardboard Challenge: Blueprints and STEAM "Shopping"

A picture from last year's cardboard build day.
Tomorrow students will continue the ideation stage for the Global Cardboard Challenge. To do this they'll fill in The Design Process Chart and draw a large detailed picture of the arcade game they plan to build. I'll model the drawing to start the class.

As part of this drawing they'll list the kinds of supplies they need too. I'll have them put an * next to supplies from home, and an ! next to supplies from the classroom.

Before they do this, however, I'll give them a short introduction to the available STEAM supplies. In the past many months I've collected LOTS of cardboard and a variety of other items too.

While they plan and draw, I'll invite each team up to choose cardboard pieces and  fill a cardboard box with the supplies they plan to use. I'll ask them to write their names on the cardboard so people know it belongs to them. At the end of class, I'll ask them to gather their supplies and bring the supplies back to their homerooms

On Friday those supplies will give them a good start for their cardboard creations.