Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Math Year 2016 Starts

The math year began with a focus on STEAM and The Global Cardboard Challenge. The start also included a number of standardized tests and assessments. The STEAM activities, in part, foster teamwork, while the tests provide good data as to how to sensitively teach the curriculum standards, concepts, and skills.

Next week I'll combine the standards related to coordinate grids and place value with preparation for our upcoming nature field study. After that we'll explore place value more using facts and figures to prepare for our trip to the McAuliffe Science Center where we'll learn about space.

Following that work, students will focus in on numbers 0-10, math facts, number lines, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and order of operations. In the midst of this we'll study how to use Khan Academy effectively to learn, and continue efforts with Symphony Math and That Quiz.