Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Introduction to Math Workshop

Tomorrow I'll introduce students to Math Workshop.

First, I'll restate why were learning what we're learning, and the many ways students can effectively support their own learning in school and outside of school.

Then I'll say that Math Workshop is a time for you to practice what we're learning in ways that help you learn best.

I'll ask students to practice the place value skills and knowledge we studied yesterday by completing the following tasks:

  • Complete the worksheet
  • Check in with a teacher anytime you have questions or upon completion
  • If done, practice more using Khan Academy Place Value practice, and again when you have questions ask a teacher.
There's no simple way to learn tomorrow's focus skills and knowledge without simply practicing. Students can aid their practice by making the following steps:
  • Work alone or with a friend
  • Focus on the task
  • Use a sharpened pencil or pen that you enjoy writing with
  • Take your time and work with precision
  • Work quietly so others can concentrate too
I'll set up shop at the big table so that I'm accessible and available to those that need me and for those when they complete the task. Also when students pass in their assignments I'll ask them to read a number of numbers to assess their ability to read numbers. 

The following day students will complete more practice items, then next week we'll focus on the "behavior" of the base ten place value system as we look closely at the ways number increase and decrease as you move up and down the place value system.