Thursday, October 20, 2016

Math Exchange

Today our math coach has set up an exchange between sixth grade teachers at the Middle School and fifth grade teachers from the three elementary schools. During the day we'll visit the current three different leveled math classes and then we'll have a chance to meet at the end to ask questions and exchange information and ideas.

At first, I wasn't going to attend this day because my sons have previously attended the Middle School so I have a parent perspective of the math program. Also the Middle School sends fifth grade teachers an update every year to let us know how our former students are doing. This information helps me to gauge the program I teach as well as how I coach individual students. Generally students have made a positive transition from the fifth grade program to the sixth grade math program.

Once the coach relayed the schedule, however, I asked to sign up because the schedule is not a visit alone, but instead an exchange which is an opportunity for all of us to talk deeply about the ways we teach students math. I know that the Middle School team is devoted to teaching mostly math all day and that they began a standards-based approach last year. I know that they are continually updating their program so I'm interested in the ways that they are employing current research to lift their program. I'll also look forward to seeing last year's students, and observing the many ways that the sixth grade teachers run their classrooms.

I really enjoy the ability to teach a subject with greater depth which is what the shared teaching model affords. It will be a profitable day.