Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mathematicians: Pattern Seeking and the Powers of Ten

I played around with the "behavior" of the Powers of Ten this morning. I've been playing around with this a lot in the past few years as I prepare and teach fifth graders the Common Core Standards.

Today I spent some time putting together a little video. I'll have students edit it with me.

I'll be interested in how students react to this. Following the film, students and I will review this exercise, then I'll have students work with friends on this exercise and then this one. Ideally I'd like to have students creating this videos, but currently I don't have the time for a long list of reasons. Projects such as creating films that animate and/or present and teach math concepts is a great way to learn and would fit Boaler's research in part.

In the meantime, we'll play with this video today as well as this SCRATCH animation too. Also there are many more videos and activities we've used on this Magnificent Math Powers of Ten Page. Let me know if you've got something wonderful to share related to this. Thanks!

Note: For many reasons this lesson did not go as planned the first time so I reworked the video and practice exercises. I reflected those changes above.