Sunday, November 27, 2016

Preparing for the Math Test

Tomorrow students and I will discuss how to prepare for a math test.

As a community of learners we've reviewed all the material on the test. Some material has been reviewed with greater depth than other areas. This is true given the time available, students' skill, and interest.

I'll start tomorrow's lesson with the news that on Thursday they'll have a math test, and then I'll ask if they have any questions or thoughts about that. After that I'll explain the system values related to the test which include the following:

  • The test will show us who has mastered the skills, concept, and knowledge included and who needs more teaching. That will help teachers to help the students gain a strong foundation in math.
  • The test will be factored into their math placement for middle school. Though I have mixed feelings about math levels at middle school; it's a reality associated with test scores.
  • The test is a chance to sit quietly and work by yourself to show what you know. Throughout life there will be tests, and this is good practice with regard to preparing for and taking a test.
After this explanation, I'll ask students if they have questions, and then I'll ask them if they have ideas about how to best study and prepare for the test so they can do well. 

Next, I'll tell students that I created a study sheet to help them prepare for the test. I'll invite students to complete the study sheet alone and/or with friends or teachers. Then I'll note that they should complete the study packet for homework and the next day we'll review the packet together. On Wednesday, I'll provide a study menu for more practice and then on Thursday they will take the test.

In the meantime, I'll find time to review past work and efforts to gain an overview of individual and collective student learning that will be available for our team math meetings on 12/2 and 12/16. 

As a learning community, it's essential that we stop now and then to have these conversations as we set the course for successful learning and teaching. Onward.